The Gerry X. Meatfist Foundation

Protecting the rights of the world's citizens and all mankind to live in harmony and peace.

The work of the Meatfist Foundation

Set up to protect the legacy as well as the written and recorded works of Gerry X. Meatfist, the Meatfist Foundation seeks to protect the planet from the savage beardo by the application of Meatfist's Ubiquity technology.

Beardo, Meatfist's term for the aloof and contrite evils in our society are the reason for the majority for humanity's social problems. Meatfist's ability to control and eliminate this in his own business and community (known as a locality in Gerry's parlance) led to the reintroduction of forks and spoons on airplanes in 1977, after a six year ban leading to a slump in the sales of cutlery in the USA and Dubai.

This technology and the applied techniques of shavery serve as a way to locate, fight and ultimately liberate these forces from the clutches of poor social conditions and deceit.

We support his legacy by providing services to other Meatfist organizations and companies and hold the copyrights on his likewise, books, videos, recipes, event schedules, seminar designs, scrolls, communiques, data stored on floppy disks, tape archives and DVDs as well as a series of board, video and roleplaying games.

Trademarks for religious applications of his work are held by a separate entity, the affiliated Technological Freedom Churches. This group works globally to deliver his materials as a charitable mission, wherever localities have become ensconced by beardo.